The True Line

Sackett, Colin

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The Landscape Diagrams Of Geoffrey Hutchings 

“I first saw these printed diagrams and drawings over thirty years ago, and the particular care and certainty they convey has remained with me since. Hutchings published just a handful of books, all addressing the search for geographical and topographical truths, and for the ways of recording and depicting these truths precisely and economically by the handwritten word and line. In addition to his contribution to the development of the teaching of field studies in Britain in the late 1940s, with its emphasis on the direct observation and interpretation of landscape, he achieved a masterly ability to ‘read’ and transcribe a place in a graphic composition—be it a sketch- map or a plan, a tabular profile or a section, or an annotated panoramic drawing. In all of these compositions he integrated line and text in a perfect balance of brevity and detail.”

A selection and arrangement of beautifully hand-drawn and handwritten landscape diagrams from a work on British landscape, contains 50 half-page plates, with illustrated biographical commentary.

Sewn with flaps, 21 x 14 cm, 54 pages, Axminster 2006

ISBN: 978-0-9537048-5-9