Vinyl Records And Covers By Artists

Schraenen, Guy (Ed.)

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a richly illustrated and neatly documented survey on the occasion of an exhibition covering the sixties and seventies of the last century: “Comprising more than eight hundred artist’s records and other sound carriers, the exhibition Vinyl—Records and Covers by Artists is presenting the visual and sonant facets of a unique visual arts medium. It includes all of the important art currents of the twentieth-century, from the early avant-garde movements and the main phase of Sound Art in the sixties and seventies, all the way to today’s trends. The union of the LP as a sound carrier and its cover as an image carrier opened up a diverse, hitherto unexplored creative field to visual artists. Transgressing the boundaries of conventional art forms, they took the liberty of exploring the creative possibilities of music, sound, and noises, of speech, voice, and instruments and their manipulation without traditional musical training.

Based on the Guy Schraenen Collection, of which there is hardly another that is so exhaustive, the exhibition affords an international overview of the artist’s record—from Dada to Fluxus, from the Futurists to the Einstürzende Neubauten, from Eric Satie to John Cage, from Laurie Anderson to Laibach, from Beuys to Warhol”, soft cover with dust jacket, 272 pages, 27 x 19 cm, Bremen 2005