Works.Texts.To 1974

Phillips, Tom

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“Catalogues and monographs are supposed to tell the public what kind of works an artist has produced. In Works/Texts to 1974 Tom Phillips sets out rather to catch a glimpse for himself of his own artistic personality. He has produced a series of fifty recapitulatory paintings specially designed for the book … in which he revisits all the styles, manners, experiments and mistakes of the preceding twelve years’ activity.

The resulting volume with its additional essays on certain key works … gives a fascinating insight into the creative process, all in the artist’s own words. Tom Phillips attempts to share with the reader his quest; to find the simple unity that he feels must lie at the heart of such seemingly various and complex work”, retrospective texts by T.P. with 236 illustrations, 96 in colour, text in English, soft cover, 23 x 17 cm, 286 pages, Stuttgart London 1983