Power 100

Burns, Bill

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“The following names appeared on the Power 100 list between 2007 and 2016. The list is ranked, with one being the highest and one hundred being the lowest ranking. It’s published each year by ArtReview Magazine. Because the following names are compiled from several different Power 100  lists it should be thought of as a meta list. Since 2011 I have had myself paged along with some of those whose names appear on the list on public address systems at various airports, art fairs, train stations, museums and department stores. The annotated list that follows describes a number of successes, failures and omissions. The project is a work in progress”, a meta list of the most influential people in the contemporary artworld 2007-2016, comes with 3 postcards, design by Astrid Seme, soft cover, 7,5 x 5 cm, 212 not numbered pages, ed/125, Vienna 2018