Tales Nr.10

Cramer, Daniel Gustav

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“Aeropuerto Lisboa, Portugal, March 2006. Tales is an ongoing publication series. Minimal in content and form each publication captures something worth seeing, sometimes it is only a banal gesture. ‘Every photograph I take is taken with the hope that a possible narrative will unfold. Later, in the studio, I can see whether a sequence can actually be found that will yield a small story from the various pictures – or from one individual photograph. It is through repetition of a similar image that these narratives begin to emerge. Often almost invisible changes can generate the most intense moments’”, in this issue: colour photographs of a Lisbon airport runway covered in tyre tracks left by departing and arriving airplanes, folder with loose insert, 23 x 16,5 cm, 6 not numbered pages, numbered ed/500, (Vienna) 2019