Bert Frings Schilderijen / Paintings

Frings, Bert

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“Frings’ paintings intertwine the existence and transience of things, animals and human beings. They show the delicate balance between beauty and decay. At the same time the works are harbingers, as one day the balance will tip, and everything will go the same way: that of decline….”

Still-life paintings, made during lockdown, showing everyday objects with bright logos, often juxtaposed with animals such as the leucistic jackdaw the artist befriended, the book is of a clever construction with colour references included on the edge of the page, with an introduction in Dutch and, on separate inserts, its English translation, sewn, 26 x 18,5 cm, 22 pages, signed and numbered/400, Rotterdam 2021

ISBN: 978-94-928-8159-5