How To Get The Most Out Of Your Jet Lag

Gardner, Donald

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“Donald Gardner’s poems always contain exactly the right number of words, because he only writes exactly the right poems. And if I have used the image of clown and acrobat , the Buster Keaton leaping onto a train, the Charlie Chaplin foot magic, it is with the understanding of a tremendous craft, the sheer skill without which clown or acrobat would fall on their ass. Donald Gardner is a clown, and his sacred is poetry, and, true to type, he mocks the king and gets away with it: ‘Poet, no similes will save you now / as we enter the dark of a new age. / With new age prophets to light our way, / I believe in yesterday.’” -Frank Murphy

A collection of new poems (and a few older ones), in which Gardner reflects on daily life with great humour and virtuosity, with an introduction by Frank Murphy, soft cover, 21 x 14 cm, 78 pages, New Haven 2001