Sleep Drawing

Goodden, Emily

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“Emily Goodden spent one year setting up drawing materials in situations where the drawings would be made by the determinations of chance. Her Sleep Drawing involved hanging Sharpies dangling from hooks on the ceiling. The Sharpies were poised over a long sheet of paper scrolled out from the wall. The other end of the strings were attached to the duvet. As the dreamer dreamed, her movements were conveyed by string and Sharpie on to the paper. Goodden's document, Sleep Drawing is a reproduction in book form of this one 16' long drawing.”

Subconscious drawings made while the artist was asleep, having fastened sharpies to her duvet in oder to draw her movements during the night, the resulting lines and scratches are reproduced across the pages of this work, soft cover, 21,5 x 14 cm, 36 not numbered pages, ed/35, No.2 in the series ‘Documents of Psychic Amateurs’, Mayne Island 2014