Gräf, Maik

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“»ZOE« is a photographic quest for emotion and sensuality. It deals with Greek mythology and society, focusing on perspectives of homosexuality and queerness.

The spiritual heritage, which seems to promise a queer future, is visualized by looking at ancient depictions of the human body. The photographs of marble sculptures are juxtaposed with portraits of people from Athens that are active in the queer scene. In interviews, I learned about their experiences. Reports that question the local living conditions are telling about the fight against oppression.”

A beautiful photographic exploration riso-printed in colour and in b/w consisting of intimate details from classical statues, architectural features or scenery as well as equally intimate portraits of queer Athenians, with a foreword by Simoné Goldschmidt-Lechner on a smaller insert and another postcard-size insert with a photograph on it.

Soft cover, 28 x 21 cm, 190 not numbered pages, numbered/150, Hamburg 2022