Concertina Box 9 Concertinas By 9 Artists

Höjer, Ase + Bertine Knudsen, Hlif Ásgrimsdóttir, Kristín Geirsdóttir, Ólöf Oddgeirsdóttir, Cormac Healy, Wiebe Bloemena, Nico Lootsma, Ellen Timmerman

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A cardboard box (11 x 10 x 10 cm), elegantly makeshift, housing 9 handmade leporellos of (unfolded) 54 cm to 108 cm length (each panel measures 9 x 9 cm), despite the similar format, the style and contents of the leporellos differ widely, ranging from painting and drawing to photography and collage, many of leporellos in this series are signed and numbered/20, (Amsterdam) 2022