Noghwhere Bodili Is Everywhere Goostly

Haan, Jason de

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“The publication’s title is the Middle English version of the phrase “Nowhere Bodily is Everywhere Ghostly” and is drawn from The Cloude of Unknowyng, an anonymous 14th century text of theological mysticism whose main proposition is to surrender one’s mind to a realm of "unknowingness”. The text invites the reader to consider positions above and below "the cloud", an apt description of Jason de Haan’s work.”, this richly illustrated monograph with contributions by Nicholas Brown, David Diviney, Ryan Doherty, Candice Hopkins, Crystal Mowry, Richard Rhodes, and Gustaf Sobin is published on the occasion of an exhibition travelling in Canada, hard cover, 25 x 17 cm, 168 pages, Lethbridge Halifax Kitchener 2014