The Story Of Bern

Iannone, Dorothy

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“As much as Love and Eros have defined my work since its beginnings, so too has censorship or its shadow, accompanied it”, a story in b/w drawings and a text about a fateful case of censorship, friendship and its betrayal plus some other interesting subjects depicting famous people from the late sixties, with intimate images and words the artist sheds light on this tumultuous episode in her life, the result is a “book [that] exposes the perverse wellspring of censorship instigated by artist friends against one of their own. And the situation transcends this particular case in an instructive way”, with an added folded sheet with a few words of appreciation by Frédéric Paul as well as a reflective text by the artist on the occasion of this facsimile reprint: “The journey to universal, wholehearted acceptance of Love and Eros has a long way to go, indeed may never arrive, but the desire is on the march, gradually eroding in one way or another the opposition to that which makes us vibrant, radiant, and complete”, soft cover, 23 x 22 cm, 70 not numbered pages, Geneva 2019

ISBN: 978-3-03764-554-3