Take A Walk

Junya Li

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“In the 20th century, walking has become a widespread contemporary art practice: Stanley Brouwn, Francis Alys, Trisha Brown, to name a few. Chinese artist Junya Li retells this art history of walking by making simplified sketches of the artists' walks and arranging them according to the length of the walk. Beginning with Claude Catellan “From Sand to Dust” at 0m and ending with Marina Abramovic & Ulay “The Lovers” at 21,196,012m.”

19 line drawings that trace the pattern of walks from famous art performances (as seen from above), with the total distanced carefully documented. Some of these lines are straight, some are full of angular turns, while others look like a plate of cooked spaghetti. A fun and enlightening study.

Stapled, 29,5 x 21 cm, 20 not numbered pages, ed/150, Vienna 2023