Hot Or Not

Kessels, Erik

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“Who knows where it might lead, is an internet service set-up in many different countries where people seek relationships and rank each other according to photos and profiles posted on the website. This magazine project asked students to enter a believable altered persona on the website. The responses were then presented to see what kind of match came up. Hotornot promises sex, love and friendship with or without touching. Human relationships in the future have a lot to answer for.”

Portrait photographs and short bios accompanying made-up personas posted on a website designed for the purpose of meeting potential lovers and rating people’s looks (hot or not?), these portraits are presented alongside the portraits of those who reacted to the original posts and gave a rating, collected by Erik Kessels and students of the Rietveld Academy, stapled, 29,5 x 21 cm, 56 not numbered pages, Amsterdam 2004

ISBN: 978-90-70478-02-5