Standard Space

Kørners Kontor (curator)

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“The exhibition StandardSpace was presented according to some reflections on how those spaces where art is presented actually effect the perception of the art objects themselves, paintings, video works, sculptures etc. This was the basic idea informing the intention of the exhibition, which was divided into two separate areas: Inside, in a wing of Randers Art Museum, and outside, on the triangular shaped grass lawn between the parking area next to the museum and a main road near Randers Harbour”, a book of photographs documenting an exhibition partly indoors, partly on a grass field outside the Randers Art Museum in Jutland, Denmark, with contributions by Hsia-Fei Chang, David Michael Clarke, Anne de Sterk, (+Gael Derrien + Ivo Provoost + Simona Denicolai), Esra Ersen, Anabelle Hulaut, Ines Pais, Abraham Poincheval + Clementine Henriot + Francis Edelin + Johan van Arden, Karl Stampes, Kirstine Roepstorff, René Schmidt, Ole Krabbe-Poulsen, John Kørner, Kaspar Bonnén and Ulrik Weck, accompanied by texts in English by Kørners Kontor, Dorthe Hjort, Kaspar Bonnén and David Michael Clarke, soft cover, 17 x 20 cm, 64 not numbered pages, (Copenhagen) 2002

ISBN: 87-89783-85-9