Sometimes I Think Sometimes I Am

Lingens, Annina

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a series of, at first glance, rather uncanny full-colour self-portraits of the artist with her head tipped all the way back (and out of sight) leaving only the underside of the chin visible, this creates the illusion that the subject of the photographs has no head, the neck ending in a tapered stump; the macabre nature of these poses is somewhat softened by the casual and relaxed settings in which the artist is photographed: in her pyjamas, riding a horse or feeding pigeons in the park; together with the title of this book, the pictures suggest that in some situations, the ones in which we feel at ease, we can stop living in our heads and cease thinking, in these peaceful moments we can simply be, stapled, 23, 5 x 18,5 cm, 28 not numbered pages plus a fold-out page in the centre, (Amsterdam) 2009