46 Fotos

Madsen, Hans E.

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a series of photographs that offer a new perspective on reality, focussing on small details that would otherwise be lost in a sea of signals and approaching subjects from surprising angles, with a brief text on abstract realism in Danish and English by Rune Gade;

“We are used to photographs resembling reality. Hans E. Madsen’s photographs also resemble reality, but the resemblance plays a minor role. His photographs create their own reality which seems to take over the scene, which ‘deafens’ the resemblance that might have existed between reality and its image.

What we have is a row of formal investigations of the camera’s ability to create pictures both close to reality and yet distanced from it. The camera’s ability to distort reality is used to produce visually demanding images. Partial blur is used to create surprising, fluid effects. The depicted objects lose their sharply defined contour and float strangely unanchored on the focal plane with a semi-transparent ghostly quality.”

translation by Paul Bridgwater, soft cover, 15 x 21 cm, 48 not numbered pages, (Copenhagen) 1999

ISBN: 87-89783-56-5