Porquoi O Mal Pourquoi Malady?

Michaelsen, Jørgen

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“In any encounter, democratic or quasi-democratic, there are two gaps reinforcing each other: one between the sphere of relative transcription and the absolute emotionalization of discourse, another between excessive capacity and parallel convergence. To be sure, artistic practice may sometimes soothe the structural and other embarrassments produced when evident metamorphosis is heavily inscribed in what seems to be everyday absurdity. But the civil obedience of representation itself never dies. However dreadful a situation it may get into, cultural agents lurking in the wings will always be prepared to set it on its feet-at a price. Ultimately, it goes without saying, nobody is innocent. For example, you may march under the flag of ‘writing’ or ‘text’, yet one way or the other remain completely stuck in the framework of ‘speech’”, a critical essay on art presented in a single paragraph, on the occasion of the exhibition ‘The Malady of Writing’ at MACBA, text in Portuguese and English, soft cover, 19 x 14,5 cm, 82 pages, Florianopolis 2011