Rød Finger

Madsen, Hans E.

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28 reproduced colour photographs, in which the objects captured by the artist’s camera are bathed in a mysterious red light, this is because the photographer used a flash that he partially covered with his finger, causing a red glow to appear in the photograph, with a brief text in Danish and English by Rune Gade; “The artist’s heartblood is red, red to his very fingertips; the world is filtered through the passionate and driven artist’s psyche, his gut, his blood. Camera and body combine to paint crimson images. How? He gives us the finger. Lets the short sharp bursts of the flash penetrate skin, bone and myriad capillaries so that the finger’s pulsating inner fabric is projected onto the surrounding surfaces. A light-infused bloodbath. Bloodlight”, stapled, 32 not numbered pages, 14,5 x 21 cm, (Copenhagen) 2008

ISBN: 87-7603-073-3