Walking Archives: The Soy Children

Molinari, Eduardo

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“Who are the children of genetically modified soy production? What disowned bastards are produced by the hybridization of agri-business, biotech, capital, and culture?

To answer these questions the Archivo Caminante (Walking Archive) embarks on a trip through the opaque and strange world of genetically modified soya plants in Argentina in search of its inhabitants, forms and structures, languages and narratives: the forces that swirl around the soya rhizome. In the style of Gulliver’s Travels it makes visible some of the routes in the soya chain giving shape to a new international division of labor food policy in global semiocapitalism.”

an interview with Eduardo Molinari conducted by Nancy Garín and several titled essays, accompanied by b/w photographs, translated by Fernando Aita, design by Margaret Killjoy, text in English, soft cover, 21 x 15 cm, 76 pages, New York n.d.