Loops And Walks Selected Works 2012-2022

Magnússon, Tumi

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Heiðar Kári Rannversson writes the introduction and texts about individual works are written by Mikkel Bogh, Gitte Broeng, Jonatan Habib Engqvist and Sunna Astthorsdóttir.

The title of the book, Loops and Walks refers to movement and time, walking and repetition. The book covers Tumi’s video and audio installations, drawings and paintings on plates, walls, paper and landscapes. Sound sculptures, photographic works and photographic wall works created in the years 2012-2022. Often the boundaries between methods are unclear, e.g. a drawing can be choreography and come close to being a video, and a video can be presented as a painting or a drawing. A piece of music can be both a drawing and a journey.

In all the works, the element of time is important, together with sound, image, space and movement. Many of the works are site specific. They are often somewhat nonsensical, the approach is difficult and they do not always lead the viewer in obvious or usual directions. Presenting the works in a publication is therefore helpful, and integrates these different elements of the works by showing them all together, like a small 10-year retrospective.”

A richly illustrated retrospective of works that play with time and movement. 

Hard cover, 23,5x 16,5 cm, 204 pages, Copenhagen 2023

ISBN: 978-87-7603-246-3