Photo Pleasure Palace

Mailaender, Thomas + Erik Kessels

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“Thomas Mailaender and Erik Kessels are both artists who work with the re-appropriation of images. They’re compulsive collectors of photographs and keen observers of sociological patterns. Also they both take the absurd and ridiculous very, very seriously. That said it comes as no real surprise that these two get along like dynamite and matches. For UNSEEN 2017 they’ve created the ‘Photo Pleasure Palace’ a special place where you can come to have fun and set your mind on fire after spending a day browsing the galleries. The Photo Pleasure Palace is a combination of a photographic exhibition, installation and a fun fair. It shows that visitors of Unseen can interact and experience photography in an alternative way.

This new vinyl with booklet welcomes you to their weird-and-wonderland, a place where pleasure is guaranteed and photos are in imminent danger”, lp (12”) with the sounds of a photography funfair as an art installation, in a sleeve (30 x 30 cm), contains a booklet with illustrations, numbered/500, Amsterdam 2017