This Is Going To Get Messy

Penston Raja, Lola

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“When first suggesting the idea of printmaking using the thin master material inside of the studio Riso graph printer, the words of Hugo Rocci were

“This is going to get messy”

A book was birthed from this advice. Transforming an otherwise discarded piece of film into a piece of printmaking. Drawing, rubbing and folds were the biggest contributors to this project. Who knew that Risograph printing could be done externally from the machine. Each cover varies, with original print.”

Images accompanied by explanatory text, an adventure into riso printing – the first time we (at Boekie Woekie) see someone making a mimiography machine's potential subject of a publication and thus reminding us of much of our dealings with offset machines in earlier times.

Sewn, 32 not numbered pages + 4 smaller ones, 19 x 13,5 cm, Amsterdam 2023