Rabascall Production 1964-82

Plasencia, Clara (Ed.)

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“MACBA re-examines a critical period in the work of Joan Rabascall, which is nonetheless largely unknown to the Catalan public. These works (collages, assemblages, photographs, superpositions) are an invitation to delve into some of his central concerns: the omnipresence of communication, the instrumentalisation of language by the powers that be, the stereotyped image of women, the growing militarisation of society, the transformative power of tourism, and the gradual computerisation of forms of knowledge.”

A catalogue of works published on the occasion of an exhibition in Barcelona and Bremen, with many full-colour reproductions of collages and essays by Bartomeu Mari, Pilar Parcerisas, Jean-Marc Poinsot, Joan Rabascall, Alexandre Cirioci, Brigitte Léal, a list of exhibited works, a biography and a bibliographic selection.

Text in English, soft cover, 21 x 17 cm, 168 pages, Barcelona 2009

ISBN: 978-84-89771-72-7