Thirty-One Ways To That Sunday Boxed Card Set

Schurr, T.M.

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“The drawings in this collection are from a series done in 2005-2006 while I was living in Paris. It was an intense period filled with smoke, generous amounts of wine and finally a shattered relationship. Scores of drawings were made spontaneously produced often at a rate of one a day with an accompanying text immediately written after the drawing was finished. The needle of my emotional, mental and spiritual state had swung hard left to the negative pole. Misbegotten creatures spewed forth loaded with dark energy from an interior space hopelessly devoid of light; yet armored with shiny and smooth exoskeletons. Perhaps ultimately a show of resilience or resistance, I had neither the time or inclination to consider which but to be sure it was some kind of a visceral reaction to the state of things at that point in time”,

a little cardboard box (8,5 x 6 x 4,5 cm) lined with red felt containing “[a]n illustrated chronicle made up of thirty-one abstruse episodes concerning a romantic misadventure in Paris”, a set of 31 folded memory cards (7,5 x 5,5 cm) with incantations, each card is printed on the outsides, featuring b/w drawings of surreal, organic-looking entities, when unfolded, each card reveals a folded bit of semi-transparent folded paper with a reproduced handwritten sentence that forms part of a narrative about a turbulent period in the artist’s life, comes with another folded bit of semi-transparent paper containing an introduction by the artist, altogether a very special and delicate piece, ed/300, Berlin 2019