Telephone-Table Puzzle

Roth, Dieter

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BOX with puzzle and 2 PRINTS, a double-sided puzzle of a densely recto verso scribbled-on telephone mat and folded reproduced prints of both sides of the mat, the mats are covered, or rather overgrown, with a jungle of scribbles, doodles, notes, names, dates and other markings, filling up the entire surface with this telephone mat, an organically evolved and home-made artwork by the Roth Family; a cardboard puzzle box (26 x 36, 5 x 5,5 cm) containing a plastic bag of puzzle pieces, two folded prints (folded: 32 x 23 cm / unfolded: 64 x 46 cm), with two reproduced photographs from the Roth household on the box lid, numbered/60, signed by Björn + Dieter Roth, Basel 1994