Snoisiv 6: Haircut/Hairdoes


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“Began as an answer to the urge need to discuss things, snoisiv spreads its shadow through the Rietveld Academie via students from any departments. Coming up every two months, snoisiv gathers all kind of approaches from words to poetry by giving freedom to who wants to deal with a certain theme. Always in a need of understanding the moment, snoisiv defines itself as a para-refractorian and para-militarian organisation and publication, created in 1995 and/or 1998. Today, it has become one of the most important publication in the field of global comprehension of the post-modern period and doing fun stuff”, this is issue no.6, Haircut/Hairdoes or A Brief Capillum History, with contributions by several artists all centred around haircuts and hairstyles, text in English, stapled, 30 x 21 cm, 34 not numbered pages, numbered/30, Amsterdam 2017