The Journal Of The London Institute Of Pataphysics #8/9

The London Institue of Pataphysics

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double issue, in issue 8:  Albus Liber I: Exploits and Opinions of John White, Composer, which “presents a detailed survey from B-Y of the career, influences and reflections of pianist and prolific composer (to the Institute, as well) John White”, compiled and authored by Dave Smith, with an introduction by Gavin Bryars and contributions by many authors, accompanied by numerous illustrations, text in English, soft cover, 24 x 16 cm, 86 pages, numbered/303, London 2014

in issue number 9: Albus Liber II: The Music of John White, which “is a companion to the previous issue and contains notes by White on a number of his compositions in the form of track listings (a couple of CDs are duly included)“, track listings and 2 CDs with a combined running time of over 140 minutes, text in English, soft cover, 24 x 16 cm, 8 pages, numbered/303, London 2014