Thorkelsdóttir, Rúna

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A small island in a vast ocean is covered with seabirds nestling close together and blending into one another, in fact, they have so successfully covered their perch that the island itself has become invisible, perhaps there is no island underneath those sleek twisting bodies, or perhaps it is the birds themselves that constitute the island; an experimental, colourful offset fantasy introduced with these words:

“In the beginning there was nothing
Nothing but the ocean
Illmande, goddess of the sea
Lived in the ocean
Languidly, languidly
For a thousand years
She slid around with the current
Till one day her body
Touched the surface
Her knee facing the breeze
A bird came flying
It made its nest there

And land was created.”,

soft cover, 184 not numbered pages, 40,5 x 30 cm, numbered/75, signed, Amsterdam 1989