Ich Und Sie

Tippel, Andrea

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“So! Here is a tale, a brilliant tale, one cannot deny, which, even as it astounds us through her perseverance, drives us crazy with a foreboding that this may well be an endless tale. And perhaps this purely personal response to the Speaking Art of Andrea Tippel may well have amused its creator who often found meanings which, understandably or not, had eluded others”, recordings of the artist reading her autobiographical novel consisting only of three-letter words, the artist recorded herself over a period of several years while reading the text sitting at her kitchen table, which is why each recording sounds a little different, the homely setting of the readings shines through in the little background noises; the scraping of a chair or the artist smoking a cigarette, the result is an intimate reading of an intimate story, listening to Andrea’s voice, you almost feel as if you are actually there, sitting at her kitchen table; illustrated with reproduced pages from the artist’s notebooks, with a biography of the artist and a brief but beautiful text in memory of Andrea by Dorothy Iannone, 2 CDs in a DVD-sized digipack, with a total running time of 112 min, ed/250, Berlin 2019

The novel is also available as a book or as special edition (book + audio tape)