Video And Photography 1998-2003

Tuori, Santeri

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“A little boy gazes seriously at the camera. Yet simultaneously he also shakes his head and grins revealing his tiny but undoubtedly sharp teeth. Two moments folded together, or an attempt to capture the whirlwind of being that only a child can embody? Not quite. Video image projected on a photograph, colour on top of black and white, movement on stillness – obvious play with opposites maybe, but here they seem to become more than just two. Or less, which is always more anyway. Spooky.”

a catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition featuring superimposed images, silver gelatine prints, video installations and mixed audio-visual works, Despite the friendly and funny faces that form the subjects of most the works, there is something wonderfully uncanny about these works; portraits that appear to come alive, a video of a man (the artist himself) holding a smile for over 30 minutes and spectral silver gelatine prints, some blurred and faded, reminiscent of the earliest experiments in photography; many reproduced images of the works and the exhibition space accompanied by short descriptions, with an English text by Taru Elfving, soft cover, 27,5 x 22 cm, 58 pages, Helsinki 2004

ISBN: 952-99335-0-9