Re-Relating In Art Practice

Wolkowicz, Kathrin

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“Recently I was asked if I had ever had a solo show as an artist. At first, I was perplexed and then it dawned on me that I had never actually thought about this desire that many artists share as a validating dream, namely to see their own work presented in a solo exhibition. I also realised that the best way for me to present my work is not so much through the means of a solo show but rather through an exhibition in which my work is shown in connection with the work of other artists who are important to me, and in such a manner that these works contextualise each other in the best possible way so that, as a result, an engaged discourse on these contexts can take place.”

“Created as a self-publishing project, the book reflects on the relationships between the artworks and art practice of a group of artists presented in text and image. It is conceived as an ‘exhibition’ in book format, which brings up this ‘in-between space’ in texts by various authors and makes the field of interaction visible and tangible.”

A publication that functions as an exhibition in which Wolkowicz’s work engages in a conversation with works by artists relevant to her own practice, namely:

Myriam van Imschoot (BE), Andrea Callard (US), Toine Horvers (NL), Heyer Thurnheer (CH,NL), Marcus Bergner (AU,BE), Dagmar Baumann (DE,NL), Caroline Godart (BE), Walter Forsberg (US), Edward C. Thomson (GB,DK,NL), Norbert Weimer (DE), Lynette Smith (AU), Eléonore Pano-Zavaroni (FR), Synonym2 (net), Rachel Carey (US,NL), and Elias Dörig (CH)

Contains a link and instructions that provide access to audio and video contributions.

Soft cover, 23 x 17,5 cm, 94 pages,  Rotterdam 2021

ISBN: 978909035469