Bird Lands

Wertman, Orna

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“Orna Wertman’s photographic landscapes mislead the eye. you could call it an old-fashioned way of creating a collage. When Wertman transposes one landscape onto another, a different ambiance arises. In this way, a paradisiacal landscape for example, can suddenly be hit by a tsunami or another disaster. It is remarkable that she made her compositions before these disasters took place”, a photobook featuring pictures of natural and urban landscapes, cut into horizontal strips and combined into surreal layered landscapes, many of the picture show flocks of birds, with a text (in Dutch and English) by Frits Gierstberg; hard cover, 21,5 x 30 cm, 40 not numbered pages, ed/500, n.p. 2013

ISBN: 978-90-814085-0-9