Zuidervaart, Noa

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a large zine dealing with the emotions and sensations of being touch starved, with surreal, raw line drawings depicting the glory and misery of having a physical body, these drawings, paired with digital art and swirling sentences in Dutch, describe this touch-starved experience and the desire, loneliness and melancholia it entails.

From the artist’s statement: “Computer graphics, retrofuturism and existentialism are united in the semi-autobiographical work I create. Fragile, but clean lines in combination with gradients, screentones and pixelated images depict dreamlike tales. These stories are most often personal, and a fragmented narrative about broad and known topics including death, human desire and the influence of technology”, stapled, 29 x 20,5 cm, 24 not numbered pages, (Zwolle) 2019