30 x 30 cm

Eysink Smeets, Bart

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The building blocks of life turn out to be 30x30cm.

I found out 30x30cm is the most common standard size in the (metric system-using) world. Everything appears to fit together and the world seams to be build up out of practical building blocks. De neurotic need to organise everything seams satisfiable.

‘After some online research, I discovered it is actually possible to live a life using only products of 30x30cm. For example, you can prepare, eat and clean up a whole dinner using only products of 30x30cm.’

30x30cm is a project in which I try to re-categorise the physical world.

Used in the sculptures: pedestal, plant trolley, stool, cat scratch pole, concrete tile, sticker collecting book, glass showcase, pillow, plastic basket, kitchen cabinet, clock, cardboard packaging material, serving tray, pin board tile, decoration board, painting, felt folding box, filter foam for fishpond, small table, plant pot, coat rack, canvas, aluminum grid, styrofoam cube, tea towel, heat plate for chicks, scale, lampshade”, a 30 x 30 cm book featuring photographs of  rearranged objects measuring 30 x 30 cm ordered online, hard cover, 30 x 30 cm, 30 not numbered pages, signed ed/30, Amsterdam 2016