4 Dada Suicides

Cravan, Arthur + Jaques Rigaut + Julien Torma + Jaques Vaché

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the work collected in this volume is by writers on the fringes of the Dada movement in 1920’s Paris, “These four took the nihilism to its ultimate conclusion, their works are the remnants of lives lived to the limit and then cast aside with nonchalance and disdain: Vaché died of a drug overdose, Rigaut shot himself, Cravan and Torma simply vanished, their fates still a mystery. Yet their fragmentary works – to which they attached so little importance – still exert a powerful allure and were a vital inspiration for the literary movements that followed them. Vaché’s bitter humor, Cravan’s energetic invective, Rigaut’s dandyfied introspection, and Toma’s imperturbable asperity: all had their influence. This collection includes biographical introductions to each author as well as personal recollections by their contemporaries”, soft cover in slip case, 240 numbered pages, 19 x 17 cm, ed/1000, London 2005