A Woman’s Magazine Vol 1: Shield O’Gig

Bobo + Pupi + Seka (Eds.)

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“A Women’s Magazine is a space for women to create, discuss, and publish all they desire. We hope to be a vessel for women’s creations by molding a comfortable and safe environment exclusive from the man-dominated space that surrounds us. Here, our safety is both physical and metaphysical. A female-only environment is one that creates confidence. Women share their experiences, personal and intimate. Women disagree and agree and elaborate. We welcome debate and we hope for safe argy-bargy.
For this first edition, the Shee- la-na-Gig arouses A.W.M. The medieval carvings of these ‘ugly women with vulva’, as it translates, inspire our protective space. The hag gives us: A Woman’s Magazine – Volume 1, Edition 1: Shield-o-Gig. In other words: Shield of the Vulva. This is an introduction, with a lack of theme, and a teaser for what will happen in the future. Our goal is to transform what you see on these upcoming pages into proper spaces for women to meet and share, guided by all of the previously listed intentions.
We believe solidarity is needed and a wonderful community in Amsterdam and surrounding cities shall arise. Eventually, we hope for this movement to expand to other places beyond us, but we have to start somewhere!”

The first issue of this magazine spotlighting creative women, with contributions by Yvonne Beelen, Eden, Léa Shamaa, Carla Kjærgaard, Kaya Kolodziejczyk, Olema Kweli, Susanna Brenner, Cuca, Lina Zaghdoud, and Bobo; contents include lots of freeform writings, an anthropological essay on orientalism in intercultural relationships, a journalistic piece on women producing tags and graffiti, a spoken word and dance piece, collage art, sculpture and multidisciplinary visual art.

Texts in English, Dutch and French, with a hand-stamped semi-transparent page, stapled, 15 x 21 cm, 30 pages, (Amsterdam 2024)