About Mark Pezinger

Seme, Astrid + Karsten Födinger + Natalie Obert + Thomas Geiger (Eds)

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a magazine, more than a publisher’s catalogue, that appeared on the occasion of the exhibition “I want to become Tarzan before sunset” at Pioneer Works, Mark Pezinger is an imprint for artists’ books ranging from one-offs to bigger editions, it includes performances and sound works and even ‘normal books’, founded in 2009 by Karsten Födinger and Thomas Geiger, since 2015 it is run by Astrid Seme and Thomas Geiger, About Mark Pezinger not only features a list of publications and offers a peek behind the curtain of this groundbreaking publisher, but also contains many amusing glossy ad-like photographs or manips that somehow respond to the question ‘what (or who) is Mark Pezinger?’ with contributions by a great many artists, stapled, 29,5 x 21 cm, 82 pages, Brooklyn 2013