About Reality And Constructions

Johannessen, Kurt

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“About Reality and Constructions looks more closely at the real present time and constructed time, both of which were examined in About Time and About Visiting. We see why it is so important for complex ones to recognize the distinction between the real present time and constructed time. It is shown that constructed time is the primary construction out from which all secondary constructions grow. All constructions are linked to constructed time. The real present is present in reality and fulfills its task. The real present cares little about the constructions. Nor does the reality care about the constructions. The reality just is. The reality is.”, brief statements like those found in old philosophical treatises, accompanied and explained by schematic pen drawings, soft cover in dust jacket, 12 x 12 cm, 168 not numbered pages, ed/500, no.10 in the series "About Something", (Bergen) 2016