Anatomía Completa Del Hombre

García, Emmanuel + Vanessa López

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At first glance, this work appears to be an ordinary, but beautifully made book, however, once you untie the ribbon that holds it together and open the cover, the inside turns out to hold a cut-out container for 27 one-sided riso prints: reproduced pages from a 18th century work on human anatomy by Spanish doctor and philosopher Martín Martínez (1684-1734), (re)published by Benito Cano in 1788, with illustrations by Matías de Irala, Valero Iriarte and Juan Bernabé Palomino, the prints include the elaborately illustrated title pages, a portrait of Martínez and 22 plates featuring detailed anatomical drawings of dissected body parts; through the efforts of the artists, this hard-to-find historical work has been made accessible to a wider public in a wonderful handmade edition, bound by Su Yin Wong, text in Spanish, hard cover, 21,5 x 15 cm, with 27 loose prints (19 x 12,5 cm) in a cut-out container, with ribbons, ed/100,  Mexico City 2018