Åtta Pappershändelser Eight Paper Events

Stigmark, Karl-Johan

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“Eight Paper Events is an artist book where the material is produced primarily to be shown in the format of a book. The book consists of eight parts, which in different ways shape events that emanate from the ontology of paper or its being. Here, in the introductory photographic series one can see visually beautiful excesses meet the documentation of the score On Paper – where the acoustics of specifically paper is portrayed. Performances from the rivers of Paris are then followed by a dissection of Sartre’s Being and Nothingness. Different paper qualities are also experimented with, where multi-paged fold-outs and statements are embedded into the cover page and the end sheet. 

In Allt papper i min studio (‘All The Paper In My Studio’), language is reduced and left aside to the visual, that of which we can see or perceive beyond the cognitive. There are often obstacles in the language or image that become existentially insurmountable, but that in the everyday on a physical level, nearly always needs to be overcome or forced to any price. Or as Stigmark writes in the book:

‘Those pages, paper corners, sheets, edges, corners, flaps, pieces, fragments, shadows, reflections, torn, loose, discarded, forgotten, saved, archived, undisturbed, arranged, organized, tucked away fragments of paper in my studio, viewed in light and dark, not discarded and seen with the naked eye.’

Although paper may seem an omnipresent substance and appear to have long since revealed all its secrets, Stigmark’s conceptual and experimental exploration of this material leads to yet more interesting discoveries and purposes while at the same time raising questions about the relationship between text and image, with insightful texts by Emma Kihl, Jesper Olsson and Ulf Karl Olov Nilsson (UKON), text in Swedish and English, comes with a booklet (21 x 19 cm, 12 pages) with translations by Emily Berry Mennerdahl and Anna Tebelius. 

Hard cover, 23 x 21,5 cm, 108 not numbered pages + 16 fold outs, (n.p.) 2020

ISBN: 978-91-983890-1-2