Schützenberger, Julia

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an intimate series of b/w photographs of a pregnant woman, both nude and semi-dressed, in an artist’s studio, the woman is captured in a variety of poses and from different angles, the occasional introduction of natural light and a mirror offer depth to the pictures and add variety to the series, the woman’s head is often outside of the frame, the focus being on the belly, she seems at ease and her poses are casual, relaxed and thoughtful, she pays the camera no heed and is absorbed in her own world, through these pictures, the reader is invited into this calm moment but one cannot help but feel hesitant to intrude on such an intimate scene; with two reflective texts in German, one by Heribert Sturm, the other by Dieter Rehm, soft cover, 26,5 x 21,5 cm, 24 not numbered pages, numbered/400, München-Akademie Band I, Feldafing 2002

ISBN: 3-923091-03-6