Marton, Eleonora

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I remember a thick wool blanket as rough as sandpaper, and a king-size blue quilt that weighed tons. My favorite bedspread had an illustration of a town house with a red roof. There were people living in its rooms. My family’s old tv blanket now resides within a quilt I made.

Every year, the happy and comforting novelty of changing blankets as the seasons change. Waking up, kicking off the covers, a glimpse of a dream, rewinding, fast-forwarding, making the connections.

This little book by London-based author and illustrator Eleonora Marton weaves together patterns from a collection of watercolor studies called Blankets and a selection of drawings from the ongoing dream diary It Happened Last Night.

A collection of b/w watercolour images and drawings and text bits representing scenarios the artist dreamt such as “a limo full of giant jacket potatoes”, with a loose postcard.

Soft cover, 17 x 12 cm, 50 not numbered pages, ed/400, Krakow 2023

ISBN: 978-83-965968-8-8