Before Killing The Day I Kissed The Window

Dar, Birce

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Before Killing the Day I Kissed the Window is a short novel that depicts the one-day journey of a first-time commuter who mysteriously ends up in a circle of events where there is no exit, neither from the past nor the future.

This project supplemented the core idea of my thesis as ‘a song’ to create reflections from components of ‘lost’ things. The story evolved from a collection of fragments of poems, manuscripts, and drawings, and metamorphosed into a book of crime-fiction. Photographs, artifacts, sculptures, and excerpts later composed for the book are documented as photo-collages.”

An intriguing tale illustrated with (altered) monochrome photographs of buildings, landscapes, sculptures and an art installation taken by the author, translated by Mark David Wyers. 

Bilingual edition with text in English and Turkish, soft cover, 20 x 14,5 cm, 160 partly numbered pages, 2nd ed., n.p. 2023