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Boyle Family

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“Since the early 1960s the names of Mark Boyle an Joan Hill have never been far from the centre of avant-garde artistic activity in this country. In the forefront of spectator-participation ‘events’ and ‘happenings’, inventors of the liquid light show, they have consolidated their reputation with the extensive (and extending) series of works centred around their Journey to the Surface of the Earth. The collaboration with son and daughter Sebastian and Georgia Boyle, a reality since the children were very small, is now given public acknowledgement in the name Boyle Family”, on the occasion of an exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London, a text and statements by Mark Boyle, photographs of works: a series of different surfaces, some natural, some man-made and some a combination of the two, with an introduction by Joanna Drew and Lynne Green and an afterword by David Thompson, soft cover, 31 x 24 cm, 64 pages, London 1988