Book Gymnastics

Rook, Gerrit Jan de

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In the words of the author: “books can be treated in many ways. first of all you have to take them in your hand(s). then you can read the flap text and/or browse the pages. although western books are meant to read from left to right, the asian way is the opposite. sometimes illustrations force you to tilt the book. maximising this approach of tilting the book is the key to ‘book gymnastics’. the book has been transformed in a labyrinth where the ‘point of view’ constantly floats. this ‘book adventure’ will ‘chase away’ the conventional reader but please the brave. as a bonus both the intellect and the physical are served.”

With its playful typography and lay-out, this work encourages the reader to adopt alternative reading strategies, when read gymnastically the words (printed one per page) spell out a message, stapled, 20 x 14 cm, 32 not numbered pages, ed/200, Rotterdam 2019