Cramer, Daniel Gustav

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“In his publications Daniel Gustav Cramer works with hybrid narrative forms ranging from visual to literary. His use of language and image creates various narrative atmospheres, like between two poles a tale begins to float:

‘In the summer of 2001 we spent two weeks in Cala Moraia, Mallorca. From our hotel balcony we saw locals gathering regularly in the shade of a group of trees to play boule. We would sit there for hours, in the heat of the day, not talking much. I remember falling asleep and waking up again. After sunset the lights of the nearby bars and restaurants illuminated the promenade, the leaves and our faces.’”

colour photographs of jeu de boule balls and many dusty footprints on the sunbaked soil of Cala Moraia, stapled, 29 x 20,5 cm, 16 not numbered pages, ed/350, (Vienna) 2012