Wouters, Herman

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“BRANDGANG is a curious look at unique urban corridors largely unseen from street view. Taken in several cities throughout the Netherlands, these images take note of the creativity of the people who make these small spaces their own. This book explores these spaces not only as a document but as a recognition of their status as places where we invent for ourselves and neighbors”, a series of 29 full-colour photographs of fire corridors that highlight the unique ways in which people use these spaces; many of these corridors are characterised by an air of pragmatism, rough-around-the-edges and do-it-yourself; since these spaces are semi-invisible and often overlooked by passers-by, it seems people feel less compelled to make them look presentable and conform to social norms, with some people even using them to store rubbish (dangerous!); other people seem to have made an effort to add some personal touches like a lick of paint (albeit unfinished) or a jaunty doorbell, with a text by Matt Dings in Dutch, soft cover, 24 x 17 cm, 64 pages, ed/600, (Den Haag) 2012

ISBN: 9789491525032