Terburg, Aimée

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a selection of 55 colour photographs showing trucks and trailers from behind, by collecting and presenting a wide range of truck rears, the artist takes an image or scenario that would sooner spark irritation than appreciation (many drivers will know the frustration of having a slow wide truck in front of you), but the artist raises this image to a different level, one that allows us to see trucks in a new light and appreciate their various forms and colours and the small details that would otherwise escape our attention: a vague impression of a hand on the dusty rear doors, a missing reflector strip or a dishevelled-looking stuffed cartoon character riding the back of a garbage truck like a mascot or perhaps even the effigy of some insatiable deity that requires sacrifices to be thrown into the gaping maw below it, soft cover, 112 not numbered pages, 27,5 x 22 cm, ed/1000, Groningen 2007

ISBN 978-90-812311-1-4