Code Duello

Farrar, Alex + Harry Meadley

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“A duel with art works conducted between both authors whilst on residency at {HotelMariaKapel}, Hoorn, NL, in 2012. Working from a found duelling rule book, Meadley and Farrar sealed themselves inside a purpose built 'Render Room' and took it in turns to call out an artwork or progression of artworks, in response to each other's attempts to finish the fight and silence the opposition. From this came 50 conceptually complete works (25 each), which were recorded in the form of a works list and distributed as a poster in the immediate aftermath of the confrontation. In January 2013, Johannes Breyer agreed to corroborate the events with a publication that would re-imagine the duel from several perspectives. To that aim the Code Duello works are examined in sequence, an account of the artist's experience was transcribed and supported with an appendix of images, and Rudi Fuchs found a precedent in Raphael and del Piombo's paintings for Narbonne Cathedral”, soft cover, 19 x 13 cm, 264 pages, (Hoorn 2013)

ISBN: 9789491783005